Student Work Samples

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Allison Bills - VCUarts - BFA 2016

This is video documentation of a editioned artist book about the Opiate Crisis that Allison Bills completed a part of her BFA Senior Thesis project in at VCUarts in 2016.

Allison Bills is currently a Digital Imaging Specialist/Photographer at NASA- Johnson Space Center. More information about her Thesis Project and her post BFA work is available from her portfolio site:

Alex Arzt - VCUarts Photo/Film MFA 2015

Alex Arzt is artist who uses photography, film, video and living organisms to investigate the complicated relationship between humans and the environment. This video is documentation of her thesis exhibition Dispersal at the VCUarts Depot Gallery in 2015. I served on Ms. Arzt thesis committee in AY 2014/15.

For the past two years Alex continues to work on a project that she started during my graduate seminar called Positions and Situations. She writes letters of reply to advertisements in 1970's copies of Mother Earth News. In 2017 she presented the project during a residency at Bemis Center for the Arts.

Alex Arzt - Dispersal - 2015

Alex Arzt - Positions and Situations - 2014-Current

Farrah Al Sulaiman - VCUarts Photo/Film MFA 2016

Farrah Al Sulaiman is a Saudi/American artist who completed her MFA at VCUarts in 2016. Her thesis work consisted of a series of short videos and a collection of hand sewn abayas. Farrah Al Sulaiman grew up in the American midwest and lives in Saudi Arabia. The abayas are made from fabric prints typically used in middle America, including camouflage, denim, Coca Cola prints and collegiate memorabilia. The juxtaposition of materials with the traditional Saudi covering created an charged space for contemplation and conversation.

I served as a member of her MFA Thesis committee in AY 2015/16

Sara Clarken - VCUarts BFA 2015

Sarah Clarken's thesis work addressed the complicated relationship between public and private images stored in the digital cloud. She appropriated a collection of leaked private and personal images of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. She created temporary works that deteriorated during the run of her show. In this video she trespassed on to the grounds of an Apple iCould server campus in North Carolina and buried a leaked image of Jennifer Lawrence in the ground.

Post BFA, Sara Clarken has exhibited internationally, in London and Paris during Frieze and Artissima. She has coordinated exhibitions at major art fairs and currently lives and works in Berlin. A review of Sara Clarken's most recent work can be found at The Fullest.